Attracted To Pursue

I know of no one,
Who waited and sat...
For a notoriety to them to come.
Or believe themselves worthy of that.
While they made attempts to comprehend,
What it is they did to do begins to be mentioned.
Without benefit to be told what they should do,
To perfect if rehearsed with a practicing it first.
This seems internally a mission already understood.
As if a challenge conceived,
Has been innately perceived.

Most who achieve fame that is 'named',
Claim they are surprised by it.
Especially those who have applied,
A doing most of their lives a love felt inside...
With an attention given that is focused and undivided,
To that which has been chosen...
For them to do from birth.
And coming as natural to do as if attracted to pursue,
With an unquenchable thirst.
Like a child who discovers a difference from others.
To accept regardless of negative outbursts.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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