Let us walk side-by-side; Hand-in-hand.
Together, we will walk …and walk…
Step-by-step we will grow and slowly cross the road.

Allow me to guide you at times when you need it most.
Allow me to shine with the light that you are the source of.
Allow me to be the one I can’t help to be, when I’m with you…

We will be blessed with everything we deserve.
We will find ways to communicate on such a holy standard that only we will understand.
We have to believe that virtue will be the conclusion to every boundary we overcome.

May the sun shine upon us, may its rays bestow us with faith.
Faith that is so overwhelming that it can overcome any battle.
Attraversiamo- Let’s cross the road and walk in the sunlight!

I believe, I trust, I have faith… in us! !

by marene koen

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