(13th October 1961 / Accra, GHANA)


Tears of sorrow and tears of joy,
Highly recommended to overcome your broken heart;
However, some people put the best outside while,
Others put the best inside! !

Vanity upon vanity!
And like the muse of a Virgin Park and a Virgin River;
But to conduct s surveillance on my mind is like,
Knowing the number of the bones and sinews in me.

He's got my face and my light!
She's got my blues and my light,
You've got me muse and my light,
They've got my work and my light;
But, don't let the steps you make with your sole hurt your soul.

First time with the story and second time around with my attributes!
But, the desire of my love is replayed again and again;
And this very stone shall be the head of this place.

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