Atumn Leaves

Autumn leaves,
I see your green tenderness,
changing to rainbow of sparkling colors.
In the chill of autumn winds,
I feel inside my heart a strange loneliness,
when I observe golden leaves departing from trees,
It seems to me that my love is leaving me behind,
and is headed to some unknown dreamland.

Why everyone is leaving me alone?
My favorite birds are disappearing one by one,
the flocks of migrating geese don't even care about me,
The beautiful flowers are withering in my garden,
Even the caterpillars are getting wings to get away from me,
the beauty of nature is disappearing right before my eyes.

When the chill and the blow of wind gets stronger,
colorful leaves swirl around in the air,
as if they are unsure of their destination,
I loose the sense of my existence,
when I see my love lost in confusion.

In the moonlit chilly nights,
the blowing wind creates the images,
of ghosts and goblins out of the floating leaves,
I will be hiding myself under covers,
as I am scared to watch my love as an ominous stranger.

The treasure of golden leaves lie all around the tree,
the snow and rain will dissolve its enitity into eternity,
Next spring new hopes will arise,
the leaves will cheerfully appear again on all the tree branches.

My love will emerge from its solitude,
the hopes and lust will appear again in my life.

by Jay P Narain

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