Au Revoir

Oncemore the old age recants her presence,
pressing and turning people.
Even though a new age is born,
to which a president is sworn in.
To uphold the eternal values we
determined to be true.
A glimpse of the universal truth,
was already bestowed upon us
in past times.
Waiting for us to realize this truth
as a cornerstone of our lives.
Soon we wil (re) discover the universal light
of the star of hope bringing its message
to our hearts.
So be prepared for a new dawn,
where we will reap the benefits
of eternal values put in place
to ensure we will shine like stars
in the dark times ahead.

by Ruerd Visser

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one of the most expressive way to express our positive hope for better future at poemhunter! amazing and totally inspiring! like Haydn Symphony on words!