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Au·ric·u·lar Archaeologist
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Au·ric·u·lar Archaeologist

Perked ears
listen for audible words-
like; Archaeological
treasure seekers,
picking through the underside,
to find artifacts
of, ''Picasso Greatness'' ~

These audible diggers
steal off and away
with impressions -
poised in time
and pack them up
so that they may later speculate
upon these fresh new discoveries,
and turn them in
to poetry.

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Comments (3)

Dear Adrienne, I echo the comments of Max & Pradeep; nice going again on this one. If I may be so bold to point out, there is a misspelling of the word artifact...I know it's nit-picking but these sort of things I seem to notice easily. Sorry if I am out of line. Gregory x
I also feel it's a nice metaphor. I'm not sure why you've put several phrases in quotes. Are those examples of the kind of language the person picks up?
Liked the comparison of picking syllables to Archaeology.Well written.Thank you.