Girl Child: Give Me Books Not A Broom........

Oh, Mom And Dad! ! Don't Want to see me out of that darkroom,
Where there is none educated, where there is enjoyment not a half spoon,
Then Give me Books not a broom......
Don't U wish Ur daughter To Be Judge In A Courtroom,
WHere Everyone Admires My Decision And the parents who sent me to school
Then Give me Books NOt a Broom.....
Do u Want ur daughter to be insulted by her Groom,
Due to lack of education, When HE will Lock me in a Room.
So that no one realizes that he is my Bridegroom.
So Why U don't understand that give me books not a broom......
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Palshna Arora (Navdeep DHingra)

by Palshna Arora

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Carries in it a lesson for every human situation, attitude, inclination. Quite engaging poem.
excellent The Catterpillar on the Leaf Repeats to thee thy Mother's grief. Kill not the Moth nor Butterfly, For the Last Judgement draweth nigh.
If you observe an infinitesimal detail, you would harvest the whole picture. Nowadays people need to stop and observe the truth instead of indulging themselves into confusion.
A poem of immense craft and structure. It's complexity ensures, I will have to read it many many times to gleam some profound understanding. On a superficial level it carries a powerful, simple, insightful message.
Forgive me for time is not understood, all my comments, in accordance to my demand, live in a moment that never arrives. It is not pride, is the great divide. Blake is great. First comment.
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