When I was a child my friends help me see
the answers to questions about being me
Our singleness of mind, values, interests and views
were shared in trust, lived in life
and regularly renewed.
My friends affected and influenced my thoughts.
We bonded together, we cared and reinforced.
Then we grew, had jobs and bills to be paid.
We drifted apart. We differed. We disengaged.
Life grew serious. We worked on the run.
There were children, homes and businesses to run.
About friendships of children, we reminisced.
The simplicity, sincerity and honesty were missed.
It is more difficult as an adult
to share, to trust with the same result.
Yet the quest for friendship continues anew
in every stage our life goes through.
We seek from friendships in the middle years,
to expand our views and dispel our fears.
We seek kindred spirits and camaraderie
with those who can do, can explain and can see.
And there's nothing more valued as one grows old
than a long-held friendship still touching one's soul.
Friendships are essential to our well being
be they youthful, life-long, or be they fleeting.

by george hague

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To see a world in again of sand
I like William Blake
Carries in it a lesson for every human situation, attitude, inclination. Quite engaging poem.
excellent The Catterpillar on the Leaf Repeats to thee thy Mother's grief. Kill not the Moth nor Butterfly, For the Last Judgement draweth nigh.
If you observe an infinitesimal detail, you would harvest the whole picture. Nowadays people need to stop and observe the truth instead of indulging themselves into confusion.
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