August 14

Looking down from the roof-top of the same place
Cars, shouts, fights, decaying trees...
Nothing's changed, my dear
It is the second year and he is still singing his non tamo pius'
and i cannot escape

Sleep-deprived and still sober
I took leave of the olden days, so you know...
roaming bars and drinking the nights to the last drop.
faces are still familiar, thoughts still linger
Happy Birthday to you and good riddance of me

At work with a sore throat last year
Coffee, contracts, a pack of ciggaretts
Pavarotti singing to me, always bringing me to tears
Them entering, exiting, entering, exiting

It remains an ordinary August summer day
A typical day except its your birthday

by Medea Kali

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Comments (3)

It comes straight from heart and how it swirls, turns, pirouettes and finally a rut on your forehead till its tabbed and shared …. I’m not here to judge you I’m here to collect pollens of sentiments and see its fruition in my work. That’s what its about r
beautiful sweet wishes.. deserved attention and sure the high score..10+++
The sentiment expressed in the poem comes through, but little else. I'm not even sure of its meaning. The structure is not the best, and it leaves a lot of places where mistakes can and are made. I cannot recommend it for that reason. GW62