The Wonderful Nature! ! !

Winter here again
Welcome to falling trees
And here some breeze

Birds in the sky
fly with wings of colors
playing with the wind

Blue sea waves
Rocking the island shores
Bringing big sea shells

Rain hits the grass
life rises all over again
Roses cheer in joy

by FaZe Ghaith

Comments (4)

Amazing write.Beautiful imagery.
The imagery is a beautiful realm where the words cast an open meadow of wild flowers rolling as far as the eyes can see, the sense of youth and eternity are entwined into one concept. What is time to a physical existence? And how do we control it? The mindset is a masterful play of pastel color and a depth that reaches new understanding.
vivid contrast, the beginning and ending of youth
Perfect imagery and vivid picturesque masterpiece! Clever and creative style that interweaves content with the meaning - amazing talent!