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Auguste Rodin In The Usa

Ah, if only Rodin were alive to sculpt today,
If only he lived and worked in the good U.S.A,
I know he‘d visit our fine universities for inspiration,
He’d immerse himself in our culture and education.
And then just as he once deftly sculpted THE THINKER,
He would just as deftly sculpt THE COLLEGE BEER-KEGGING DRINKER.

(c) 2013 Copyright Elena Plotkin

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AND maybe MAD magazine readers as well! :) bri you snagged me again with the title.
if i had been a more able student i would have today my B.S. instead i only had my bachelorhood upon getting 'excused' from college in my senior year [nothing to do with beer]. of course, some since have referred to me and my ways, using the initial b.s., but it don't stand for Bachelor of Science. a very worthy poem, for art-lovers and humor-lovers and maybe MADD members. i would think 'we' could drop the -ING from KEGGING, but you may know the terminology better than i do, young lady. thanks for sharing. and thanks for the sobering poet's note as well. :) bri