Augusto (Revised)

Poem By Roger Bewman

Why does the song have to be sad?
Suddenly you'd think it was ripped out of your heart
and this moment that I am filled with happiness
crept up to my lips and drowned me
Look out cause it’s here

I love you but have no voice to express it
And this longing is unbearable
Melting with pain cause I also feel
The road we are heading is impassable
Be brave you tell me

How can I forget her fair hair
the sand, waterfalls bathing her
While she was leaning upon me a thousand kisses
diamonds which she offered
I’ll go even if it turns out bad

In which ecstasy which magic dance
could this heavenly creature have been born?
From which distant star is this light
that is hidding in her two eyes?
and me, the lucky one to have seen it

In her gaze a tiny sky
Lighting, clouds unfolding
But when the night falls, light flows gently
an August's moon rises
and shines onto my inner prison'

Translated with the help of my older brother, from Greek lyrics of the song 'Augustos' from Niko Papazoglou. He is a great songwriter

Comments about Augusto (Revised)

really coool..i really love it.....
Both your other comments contain the word 'beautiful' and that's the only way to describe it. Thank you for bringing this lovely piece to PH, Roger. Love, Fran xxx
This is absolutely beautiful, Roger, very mystical... I would love to hear the song. Great job! ~Lee
This is so sad and beautiful. Hugs Anna xxx

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