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Auld Lang Syne

To the days of auld Lang syne
To that time so long ago,
When with friends I drank and did dine
But, now their names I do not know.

Many of those friends I have forgot
As they have become a part of a different tree,
Maybe one day though I will have a thought
Then we all can sit down for a cup of tea.

The past looks better than what it was
It now brings joy because it's no longer here,
Does memories help, sometimes I think it does
But, only if the past will disappear.

Kissing and drinking I remember that well
And also the summers and the sunshine,
But, just to recall one day I could not foretell
In those days of auld Lang syne.

Sometimes though it is just best to forget
As the past can also bring forth tears and sorrow,
Now unto those memories I will never commit,
As there will also be a tomorrow.

To the days that have already past
As though God had a greater design,
But, nothing good is destined to forever last
That is why we have those days of auld Lang syne.

Randy L. McClave

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