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Aulde Schole
MW (14 July 1973 / Berent)

Aulde Schole

Return to the old school
those spacy rooms
bourgeois furniture
plants sundry
crust habits
installation institutions

structures heavy
sag me to my
sore profounds- but
shine a floodlight i
may only - not
a searchlight, candle
or reading lamp
although the
last waits in the corner
of hypnosis installation

the hypnotizer is
clicked on, brings
unlived moods, far
views, unlived but
yearned hopes into
the small spacy chamber
if chamber be expanded
swapped for a tiny but
roomy wordly - fresh
air and worldlight
streaks and flashes-
(like a) flasher, streaker
and mooner - not
a mingy mincing mooner
but a proud one.

i bring triomino, uno,
ligretto, carcassonne
scotland yard
into these small spacy
hypnotic chambers

aquarells i strengthen
Fruits of midnight
blind scrawl painting
with marie. oh weeeay bless
push the dust

uno is known

nursery play

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Comments (2)

This works for me. Looks like you fixed the typo - but there is a messy freedom here that makes spelling a bit irrelevant (have I spelt that right?) . Like your use of 'plumb' as a colour in the Auschwitz verse - let it go where it will, and you get more.
Not completely coherent to me, but I like the flow and original imagery. Suggest checking for typos (e.g., unlved) before posting.