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Aunt Hulda Sings To Her Children
(04 October 1943 / Germany)

Aunt Hulda Sings To Her Children

Glow little worm glow little worm
fly through the night,
blow all the candles out
always glow bright.

Bring all your brothers
and cousins and sisters,
also your mothers
and all those philisters.

Too much is dark in the
devil's own land,
glow now to mark
a new path in the sand.

We don't need the lighting
nor the fancy machines,
they only cause fighting
and gives us the means

to destroy and to hurt
wherever we drift,
we were made out of dirt
and this life is a gift.

So tonight when you sleep
you can dream of our God,
who will watch you and keep
you alive with a nod.

Let us pray now together
for the world as a whole
and for wonderful weather
to be good is our goal.

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Your Aunt Hulda sounds quite a bit like my great Aunt Minniebelle.....She was a character.
This one's a ten for me. Well done, Herbert