Let's dance in the rain like there is no end.
Let's sing in the rain, along with it's beautiful melody.
Let's jump in the rain puddles like no one cares.
Let's run in the rain all day and night long.
Let the rain wash away all our pain and suffering.
So we can rise and start with a fresh soul, and let's get it right this time.
-Sabrina Rosen

by Sabrina Rosen

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A poem such as this could not today be written. Who has the knowledge of others, who has the caring, who has the TIME and NEED to realize all that here is detailed; then spin it out like a patient and wise old spider for our knowledge and improvement? Not I, said the ant. Nor I said the cockroach. Nor any other creature today on this earth. (I had previously read much of Arlington's work; never before this poem. I respect and love him and his poems more than ever by consequence.) B.E.P.