Many times one's aura,
Seems to reflect a much bigger life.
That radiates an image to stay,
In the minds of those who find...
One capable of doing this,
Has been blessed beyond definition.
To make one's personal appearance,
When away from staging performances...
Not as,
Larger than life itself.

'I can't explain what I saw.
Are you the same person,
Who had such power to command on stage?
You seem to be so different.'

~What were you expecting? ~

'Lightning, thunder, wind and...
A loud roar from the crowd.'

~I'm not nearly that dramatic.
When I work. I work.
After the lights go out...
I'm really no different than you.~

'What a disappointment.
Just moments ago I was looking up at you.
And now that you are offstage,
Both of us are looking at each other eye to eye.
How can you do that? '

~Loving what I do.
And respecting everyone,
When my work is through.~

'What a disappointment.
And to think I wanted your autograph.'

~That's okay.
At least you are not like the others.~

'What do you mean by that? '

~More appreciate what I do.
But seldom am I associated with it.~

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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