Aurobindo 119 Savitri Book 7

An appreciation on Savitri-
Book Seven: The Book of Yoga
Canto Six: Nirvana and the Discovery of the All-Negating Absolute
Words within inverted commas are Aurobindo's

'For the Eternal's powers are like himself,
Timeless in the Timeless, in Time ever born.'
'This too she saw that all in outer mind
Is made, not born, a product perishable,
Forged in the body's factory by earth-force.
This mind is a dynamic small machine
Producing ceaselessly, till it wears out,
With raw material drawn from the outside world, '

'When least defaced, then is it most divine.
Although his ego claims the world for its use,
Man is a dynamo for the cosmic work;
Nature does most in him, God the high rest: '
'This independent, once a power supreme,
Self-born before the universe was made,
Accepting cosmos, binds himself Nature's serf
Till he becomes her freedman-or God's slave.'

'This is the appearance in our mortal front;
Our greater truth of being lies behind:
Our consciousness is cosmic and immense,
'But only when we break through Matter's wall
In that spiritual vastness can we stand
Where we can live the masters of our world
And mind is only a means and body a tool.'
How intense we should be to break through Matter's wall..!

'Our spirit's truth lives in the naked self
And from that height, unbound, surveys the world.
Out of the mind she rose to escape its law'
'High she attained and stood from Nature free'
'All now was a wide mighty vacancy, '
'For still was far the repose of the Absolute'.....

............My consciousness this moment,
O'Guru, I'm in invincible heights
Ineffable Thee embellishing poetic creation
My inquisitive apprehension, erring Thee may opine
May thereso, let Savitri in my self arise
Aroused thereso be knowledge and fortune

by Indira Renganathan

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