Aurora Borealis

In the purple twilight
God’s butchers flew.
Angels of beauty
Cleaving the light
Shattered and bouncing
In waves
Great power flows
In green reflections
Pulses of blood
Covering the shore
Of night’s canvas
Primordial creation
Never ending focus
Lens to heaven
Star explosions
Reaching from the stars
Caressing my pupils
Immersed in purity

by Steven Buckley

Comments (5)

Thanks to all for the positive responses, it's always exciting to know people actually read the poems. This poem for me was really an excercise in grabbing a moment in time, looking at the sky and seeing the overwhelming power and beauty that can exist without our involvement. All I could do was try and match the visuals with words as fluid and colorful as the subject itself.
the first two lines are magnificent. they got my attention and held it throughout the entire piece. mighty fine work. Jake
A very good descriptive poem, Steven. I've seen the Northern Lights a couple of times from up in Northern Canada. Really astounding. You capture it well.
steven this is lovely, I have never seen an Aurora but you have given me sight if only in my minds imagination. Good it true Auroras have a sound to them? warmly, adrienne truly sheds a different light on do this so wonderfully...beautifully... Lare Austin