( / Ashland, Kentucky)


Scratches were left on the crumbling wall
On their knees for salvation they did crawl,
Clothes and jewelry from them was stripped
Then life from their body's was ripped.
I can not ever imagine their pain and suffering
Especially when to their children they tried their comforting,
While in the gas chambers they all awaited their death
Horrifically they watched each other take their final breath.
Was there a silent scream for all those who had perished
Saying goodbye to a life that they once had cherished,
No longer was there a voice, or a single heartbeat
Dying men, women, children left their marks in the concrete.
Some say that this must not ever happen again
But, man still desires and steals and hates and will sin,
Despicable crimes and evil will always exist;
So, we must all remember the Jews that died at Auschwitz.

Randy L. McClave

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