Aussies Fight

Up came those Anzacs bronze
Answered our countries summons
Would be fun to fight and die
No concern for women cry

Cobbers one and all
Didn't think they would fall
Fight beside their mates they did
Neither run and neither hid

Comrades as they carried arms
Sharing jokes and Aussie charms
Diggers in mud holes and trench's shot
This wasn't fun it was now too hot

Did they die for fun
Or was it in the long run
To save and protect you
And all our kiddies too

God called so many away
They died in thousands day by day
The Commonwealth it was to save
But to their mates they gave the final wave

Do you hear Gods call to war
An unseen army Satans works we saw
Come join for Christ the battle has won
Join us in heaven with Gods Son


by Phil Daniels

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