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Australia Day 2007
(04 October 1943 / Germany)

Australia Day 2007

So today is Australia Day!
Lucky country it is, you don't say.
Though of stunning good looks
it is governed by crooks,
and we are the jumbucks who pay.

Willie Nelson is heard in the Park.
But the talent is meager and stark.
Let us drink our Vee-Bee
and pretend to be free
stagger home with a mate in the dark.

If you think our leaders do care
I'd advise you my friend to compare,
go to Russia and see
that the Russkis ain't free
and they drink just as much over there.

It was Lenin who saw the green light.
You address your constituents' plight
with a truckload of booze
and they'll pay you their dues.
Those who don't will be shot down on sight.

Let's rejoice for the human condition!
And go forward, fulfill our great mission.
Keep an eye on the nerds
and the treasonous words
grab a bottle of Bundy, go fishin'.

If you have, in your life, a good mate
you can say Bugger Off to the state.
You must never believe
that the card up their sleeve
will put edibles onto your plate.

It is them against us, that is true.
You can't hide anymore in your loo.
So, let's spare a good thought
to the diggers who fought
and forget about taming the shrew.

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Comments (4)

haha well put and so very true
nice to see democracy is working as well on the other side of the orb as it is here. CJGM
Herbs, this has hit me like a slap! Are you for real? (I unashamedly admit my ignorance about Australian internal affairs) .
Funny, I went shopping this afternoon and wondered why all the shops were closed? Silly me. I'd forgotten. Your poem adds a little humour to the rest of out Australia Day aggrandising. Thanks for sharing your 'take' on the silly subject. love, Allie xxxx