Australia Day

Australia Day. We celebrate
in red and white and blue
or maybe green and gold
if sport's our thing.

Our national pride is on our sleeves
and flags that flutter in the breeze
and parties on the beach
that's girt by sea.

Diverse and multi-faceted
we pride ourselves on mateship
and giving a fair go
to some of us.

Egalitarian we are.
No one's allowed to rise
above the common herd
and show us up.

And wogs and chinks and boongs
are welcome in our midst
as long as they're prepared
to be like us.

Unless of course they come in boats
and threaten our security
by multiplying faster than
the rest of us.

We celebrate two hundred years
of history in our land.
before that nothing happened much
to write about.

by David Esdaile

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