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Australia's Foreign Based Leaders

Australia's Head of State lives in Britain and Australia's Commander in Chief lives in the U S of A
At least anyhow it is looking this way
Australia's so called Government and Opposition the wishes of the U S Government obey
That our politicians are weak seems a sad thing to say

Though with what i say on this many may not agree
That the U S should have army bases in Australia seems all wrong to me
The assets of the Country Australia's Government sell
Though from such dealings a minority of Aussies doing well

Australian uranium being sold to Countries where nuclear weapons abound
Such stuff belong to Nature and should be left in the ground
Australia's Government selling off the Country's natural assets for a short term gain
How they can be so gullible is beyond me to explain

Australia's Head of State lives in Britain the Commander in Chief in the U S of A
Though he has departed Down Under just after a night and a day
Obama is one Australia's P M Gillard does greatly admire
And of singing his praises she never seems to tire.

by Francis Duggan

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