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Australia The Great Land Surrounded By Sea

In Australia i have traveled a bit been to many a town
And on some of the roadways of the big Country i have driven up and down
But many have seen more of Down Under than me
In the great Southern Country there is so much to see
A land of many climates and amazing scenery
The home of the pittosporum, wattle and the eucalypt tree
Where many of the World's most amazing life forms are to be found
And where megapodes, marsupials and monoterenes abound
Where honeyeaters, mud nest builders and ratites are regularly seen
Of varying shapes and sizes and colours from blue, black, white, pink, red, gold and green
In the land of the oldest Race the people of the Dreamtime
They have become the legends of story and rhyme
The home of the magpie, currawong, kookaburra, lyrebird and the unmistakable pee wee
Australia the great Land Surrounded by sea.

by Francis Duggan

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