(04 October 1943 / Germany)

Australian Father's Day

I'm looking forward with dismay
to this year's coming Father's Day.
You see, my son in USA
says Father's Day, there is no way
that I will send you something twice
(he will not take my good advice) ,
well Father's Day is coming here
but not for 'them'. It would appear
that I can celebrate again
(as should all fathers that are men) .

The local shop, to compound troubles,
ran out, I checked it with my Hubbles,
'Potato Vodka', said the man
'I know, Sir, that you are a fan
but we have had such great demand
and management could not have planned
for all our customers this year,
so I suggest you buy some beer.'

Five times I had the special pleasure
to sire offspring, a good measure,
so maybe things will yet improve.
My daughter often makes a move
that does surprise and spurn them on
her brothers for this Pater-Thon.

To all the fathers who are reading
these lines with balding or receding
hairlines, (a sign of getting old) ,
I say, you must be somewhat bold
do tell them often, in advance
about the Day, so that your chance
of getting showered with those gifts
expands, that's how the spirit lifts.

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Comments (6)

I assume, then, that there is a separate Mother's Day down under. Am I onto something here? Maybe I should investigate and let my three daughters know. This is a fun poem, Herbert and well-written. Raynette
Love the line sire offspring a good measure, Happy Father's Day.
Thank you both. Have you been googling Lawrence? H
You make me want to pick up the phone just call my dad and tell him I love him....I think we all forget sometimes the important things. Happy Father's Day!
Thanks, Mary. Very sweet of you. I am going to have a surprise orchestrated by myself, so I will forget as of today what it is. That way, the surprise gift will be a complete hit. I cannot tell you what it is because I don't know it myself. Best, Herbert
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