063010a Pleasant Day

first breath of wind came today
with coolness i'm not so use to
overcast, scattered clouds above
rain is not far from giving us love
surroundings seem to stand still
as planes waits for space to fill

i'm quietly reading grass court news
so many stars left including venus
roger wasn't spared he has to go
fought gallantly; it was quite a show
this 4th of july whom i celebrate with
hope rain won't come; no heat wave

by Manonton Dalan

Comments (5)

This great poem is bursting at the seams with such fresh and resonating phrases like In my seashaken house On a breakneck of rocks I love poets who can write descriptions so spine-tingling real that you can smell them, taste them, feel them, hear them, and see them.
Awesome poem with deep and intriguing meaning. Enjoyed reading. Thanks for sharing.
Awesome I like this poem, check mine oit
...........seems he was writing of a dream with so many images and no story line to go with it...
This is one of my favorite poems. The sounds and images that cascade from the pen of the poet are fascinating and exhilarating! This poem that speaks of the poet's own work-the flood flowers now. Incredible.