hands are covering eyes
lips are being closed
they're questioning my mind
and there my saneness goes
the tears burn my face
rolling down my cheek
i'm questioning authority
another day, another week
they don't see what i see
they can't feel the pain
they don't have the heart
to tell me it's not the same
so why don't they just stop?
why can't I just leave?
why do all these things
keep happening to me?
I'm afraid that if I let go
my heart will continue to break
it's the fear that keeps me here
but i'm all about the change
because it's me who has to deal
its me with the broken heart
its me who doesn't know
why you keep ripping me apart.

by Desiree Whitamore

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Agrippa d'Aubignè wrote: 'The princes haven't seeing eyes for these great marvels, their hands are used for nothing else but persecute us'
this was nice to read. The fear that keeps you from.. what though?