There is nothing like knowing,
One's own struggle to undo...
And when to ignore,
The advice given by another...
Who has not a clue what to do,
With their own struggles...
If not directed by someone read,
Who has been authorized...
By a book published,
That has listed credits given to others...
For revealing their 'helpful' problems.
Giving to them 'thanks'.
And not one has a testimony,
Of stating they are now trouble free.
But had been used for research purposes.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Comments (2)

Yes, that is what happens now..Good thought!
But is this not the purpose behind literacy? It's not a question of authority in the words they speak. But instead what do they teach? The falsification of a past history can be misleading, of this I can totally agree. Does this mean we deny them the equal right to write. Because they lied about their qualifications. I have no degree, I have no money, therefore I don't get seen. I could be the best in the world but still you won't even look at me. So comes the defeat. But in deceit some succeed. To survive by being a cheat. If I'm not accomplished some day I might just be. If patients is given its dues. But it is a question of who can afford to. Those with a true virtue do.