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JP (26 Nov 1979 / Houston, Texas)

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Poem By Jason PraTT

I wouldn’t say I that write a lot of poems, but the things that I write about
are understood by you
I was thinking about reading this one to you, but I didn’t think
that the sentiment would be the same if I did
With the means to simply compliment you once again, as
I usually do whenever I see you on a day to day basis
While you sit at your desk and smile at me once our faces
greet on another morning working schedule
Thus once I see your smiling face, I then feel a warm feeling
in my soul, reassuring me that today is going to be a wonderful day
Giving me the strength and confidence to take care of my tasks
and accomplish the challenges that are set before me:
You do this for me by simply smiling at me
Often my writing habits have increased because of the impact that your
undeniable beauty has had on my thought patterns, concerning women
In saying once again: you don’t know just how beautiful
you are to me; the presence that you provide brings a breath of fresh
air into my lungs, whenever I hear your voice
My poetry has crucially altered, in which the majority of my lyrical content
all because of you; it’s amazing in knowing that I have been inspired in such
an interesting twist, falling for a woman that I cannot have

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