Poem Hunter
CC (05-28-62 / Dearborn Michigan)




Pick it up.
Pour it out.
Watch it spill.

No one touch me.
I can’t hear you.
Only see you,
Out the corner of my eye.

I need you near me,
But I won’t tell you.
I won’t hear you,
If you make a sound.
My eyes won’t look at you,
Though they look around.

If you touch me,
I will scream.
If you touch me,
You are mean.

I am here all alone,
In my own,
Little world.
Blocking out,
My senses,
On overload.

I know that your love for me,
Won’t leave me here.
But I cannot help you,
Help me get there.

I’ll fight you.
I’ll bite you.
I’ll fight me.
And bite me.

You don’t understand me.
Neither do I.
So hold on to me tightly,
Even if I cry.

Be my mother,
My father,
Don’t let me lie
Inside of myself,
Cut off from the life,
I was meant to live.
Fight for me.
Trust in me.
I have so much to give.

Someday, you will see me,
Looking into your eyes.
Someday, I will thank you,
For being willing to try.
Someday, I will hold you,
With all of my might,
And keep you beside me,
For the rest of my life.


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They have their different world out technology couldnt find out so far, Good creation, Shall i dedicated this to my knowing ones like that.