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Autistic Eyes (For Aryssa)
AA (9.26.72 -? / new york city)

Autistic Eyes (For Aryssa)

when you sleep
i wonder:
do you dream?
if you do
i'm sure they
are filled with
that g*d
mixed for your
to paint a door
back to us

when you sing
is it you?
or does the mind
that holds you
offer us golden
to let us know
all birds
will fly free

when you sit
i wonder
if you know something
we don't
some great secret
that we could never
or understand

i fear that
you'll never understand
how much i
love you
and the ways you
make me
so afraid

but then

when you grab
my face
and demand my eyes
i stop wondering
and hear your
of love

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i know it's hard to see emotion. from the eyes of blank feelings. but i am here to tell you that the world inside the mind of autistic logic that binds me here to this world. she loves you. even if upset, and saying thing irrationaly, or banging her head until it bleeds. give a pillow inbetween or wear a helmet and let her scream. but work with these contorting views, for they aren't contorted if you walk her shoes.