So maybe i shouldn't feel this way
I can't explain why i do
I thought it went away long ago
But you managed to bring it back

Although a complaint i'll not issue
I can't help but wonder
Did it ever really go away?
Or did it hide itself in the darkness of my heart?

Noone supported it before
And certainly no feelings would be different this time
Hidden would it have to remain
But is that what's meant to be?

How is you can make me feel this way?
You don't even try
And yet you continue to do it
Or is this all intentional

Tell me your feelings
What do you feel as this all happens?
Is it still the same as before?
Or is it only a friend you see?

Would it all remain hidden if so?
Would feelings be different if so?
Would feelings be different if people knew?
Answers to these questions i beg for,
Answers i need to know.

Written for a very close friend, she knows who she is.

by Ben mcelfresh

Comments (6)

Wonderful poem it is good we appreciate what we have. I like
Lucky you, maaaan! ! ! Many pray for it, labour for it, but still do not get it! Good composition! ! !
My grandmother used to say, Count your blessings. You do. Nice poem.
An eye opener to fully appreciate what we are blessed with instead of complainIng about our lives! Great poem!
I grew up south of you in Natchez.........I had everything, too. Unfortunately, I never knew it. I just assumed. I really like your work here. thank you, Robert
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