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Autobiography Of A Leaf
KK (09 Jan / Chennai)

Autobiography Of A Leaf

Hanging on the branches
Swinging with the wind

I had many pals
All so pretty as me

We were a happy family
Of brother leaves, sister fruits

With our mother tree
And the father root

One day our rival storm came by
And created a disaster so hurtful

I was separated from my family
And felt it was the end of my world

I floated in a large river
Moving with the speed of water

Then I felt someone on my back
And it was a little ant

We became great buddies
And my life was again filled in with a ray of hope

As they say that life goes on
I consoled myself and went on and on....

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Comments (3)

a child's story rewritten as an autobiography of a leaf is interesting to read...
Kavitha; A nice message, enjoy your poems charles garcia
nice poem... Asma...