AA (1st Jan 1990 / Allahabad)

Autobiography Of Puppet

The play has been badly cast
But it was indeed not the last
I was merely a puppet
In the hands of a turret.

The stage wasn't empty
Life has become like Humpty Dumpty
His fall was great
But mine was too late.

The crowd laughed at me with glee
I dared not ask for a plea
I was only an actor
Directed by the Director.

The strings were very strong
Which were playing ping-pong
I did a simple mistake
That made the bonds go fake.

The puppet lost its soul
It was now like a basket with a hole
The tears came pouring down
Who could weep for a clown?

Its not always you win
You lose yourself to your kith and kin
It is they who really care
No one else has time to spare......

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Comments (7)

thank you for the invite to read this. it is very strong and moving. i enjoyed reading it greatly. good luck with everything!
Deep and meaningful expression my friend...you pen very well....keep up the good work
nice work yaar...u write good! ! !
'No one else has time to spare...' We at PH also have the time to spare for you, Alok! Keep writing! ! Cheers. Subroto
wonderfull poem. wonderfull imageries. i like this poem and enjoyed reading it voted10 surya
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