It appears the victim died,
From a self inflicted hate.
With an overwhelming need,
To feel itself to be powerful and great!
But insecurity was all it could offer to relate...
With its weapons and wars it did create.
And it had no abilities to communicate.
Imploding from within from peace debates.
There was no one left to help it see...
What it was it initiates!
It was creating its own dire struggles,
Its own internal fate!
Although the autopsy 'had' been prepared,
We made sure to wait...
It was getting much too late,
To see if 'anything' could revive it...
To keep the victim thriving with 'new' advice
To bring it back alive!
But the victim was watched and stared...
Without one care to keep it spared!
No one wanted it to return to a position it declared!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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Different view is always refreshing Law. good one Dave