I have let go of time,
I have let days disappear and
As I walk down this pathway of life
For a brief moment
I have become a child again-
Not knowing where to run to or
How to evade misconceptions,
I do know that there are trees
Behind which to hide and even fortresses in the air-
Memories of my childhood, seeing what others did not see,
Being forever slighted and misunderstood,
Memories of my empty heart and these memories I cannot escape.
I often ask myself why these recollections of fear, sadness and mistrust
Have become a branch upon a tree that
Will not break and blow away in a windstorm and
More recent recurrences which others have
Deemed as impressive and worthwhile have
Vanished perhaps high in the sky as
Riding upon a shooting star that has burnt out in the universe-
I have let days disappear although not
Memories of childhood sorrows and rivers of tears-
I am drowning inside a tributary of sadness.
Leaves upon the trees turning rust, yellow and even red in the autumn,
Cool air at dawn caresses my arms within a brief moment of pleasure-
A voice inside of my mind tells me to never let go of present moments, as
The leaves shower upon me in a gust of wind and
This being the most picturesque and enlightening time of the year-
I am learning- never let go of time,
Never let these days disappear.
Childhood moments of abuse, disappointment and unrelenting pain,
Are forever gone and we must grasp onto today and
Perhaps even the future- I know not where to run to although
I shall keep running forward and cease looking behind-
Kicking fallen leaves aside and breathing the crisp autumn air-
As I bury the past within a moment of realization that
The agonizing past moments that we only see inside of our minds
Have ridden that shooting star and are lost someplace in the universe, while
I can see time ahead and in this present moment
Being a colorful aura and worth a lifetime of happiness.
I grasp and hold onto time, while letting all of those tears cried for yesterday
Flow downstream and over stones and to be forgotten as
Earth in a flurry of a storm-

by Claudia Krizay

Comments (4)

First of, it reads well. Which is good. The story is not really that which i cling to. but it is well done!
Autumn is your metaphor. you have changed along with the trees. finally shedding past memories like leaves. taking in a fresh breath with each new step towards new memories. these are the times to now charish. nicely written
Wow, an amazing poem, In autumn the reddish tinge leaves will dance in gloom to fall, The mellow fruits hail a 'Halloween' then the children will play their 'trick or treat' in the churchyard and the farmers will clean their barn to harvest those ripened fruits. I like this season the most, , But Autumn gushes the dissapointment in our heart when we see that fallen leaves. But if we kick that fallen leaves like your said, we can hope or breathe fresh air. Your poetic depiction here well penned with grace. Top marks! ! 10++++
Autumn has always been my favorite time of year. However there is a sorrow a melancholy stride that this poem achieves throughout that is full of pathos and longing for a life that never quite reached it's apex. You have outdone yourself this time Claudia, it is a very emotional and sad poem. But very, very good. I gave you a ten.