What did autumn do to the tree?
He took off her leaves and
He made her naked, afraid
Waiting for the singing bird.

What did autumn do to the tree?
He left her soulless, facing wind
In a high stature but chilled by cold,
Nothing can warm her but a leaf and bird.

What did autumn do to the tree?
That melancholic strange season,
Which has a strong wavy impact on
her, but she bore that without complaint.

What did autumn do to the tree?
That was all about a sudden
I saw her waving, freezing alone,
While looking from the casement.

Comments about Autumn

Too bad we have our autumn also, when we get old. Anyway, let's just hope that the spring will warn the tree again. Beautiful poem, shows how good your heart is, thinking and wishing the tree well.
Autumn has nicely been pictured, a nice poem. keep it up.
Thank you for sharing your feeedback i really apreciate this you're also inspired and talented as poets used to be
spring is coming soon and your leaves will return and your flowers will blossom..this is the usual subsequence for a highly intelligent person like you
oh what did this poem do to me? ! ! ! wonderful

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