Poem By Abhisek Ghosh

The clouds of autumn before Durga puja;
the wind thereby from the east,
brings along celebratory mood afloating
and the joy of long awaited feasts.

A feast, the nation particularly in East;
celebrates with funfair in religious beats,
invoking the goddess Durga
on her triumphant myths.

Leaves start falling and susurration grows;
making way for Winter,
rendering the streets,
a leafy abode.

Brides and grooms come together;
as of old 'tis known,
fall wedding has and will,
help the closeness grown.

To frequent flyers it often seems,
the nigh clouds they pass by;
a fleet of white feathers
harboured in the sky.

A flock in flight in autumn sky
would wonder; but know not why
the kissing clouds far so high,
seem near but never nigh.

'tis mystical but no magic;
the characteristic Nature unfolds,
how it came by -
the origin no one knows.

Nature - it seems the mother of all,
has kept to itself now and of old;
timing of all revelations
and the mysteries untold.

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