GSG (05/31/62 / Milwaukee, WI)


Walking through the summers dead
in admiration of color and shape
smelling the freshness of winter's arrival
with anticipation of ice and snow

But I linger to feel the earth transform
it's foliage succumbing to cold
the withdraw of the dark green meadow
as if frozen in obedience

Looking to the cloudless atmosphere
crisply defined as if stenciled by hand
a chilling gentle wind flows through the now empty branches
speaking a different tongue, in whispers

Each night the stars are dazzling as if of diamonds
sparkling in some code to tell it's secret
following a familiar passageway I can't understand
until the dawn breaks it's meaning

Autumn has arrived in it grandeur
see it parade through the land in it's splendor
a gift for us to take pleasure in
waking us from our slumber of unawareness

by Gary Scott Gebert

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