KEM (1964 / Stuttgart, Germany)


Smell the air, breath the brisk chill
Mornings are memories of school
Waiting for buses
Maybe taking off the jacket
Mom or Dad made you wear
Enjoying the leaves that swirl around your feet
Tantalizing the cats bringing them to life with youth and play
Staying out as late as you are allowed
Enjoying the last shimmer of sunshine
Watching the clouds forming on the western horizon
Mountains ablaze with color starting
Neighbors bringing their fall harvests
Sharing a secret from the summer seasons
Maybe writing about those vacations
Listening to the sounds of the birds
Changing in the sound of the songs they sing
Canadian geese coming home to their families
Flying overhead as you covet their flight
A small slant of sun thru the trees
Sometimes dappling the world differently
Catching your attention with its travel
Back to the south where it burns differently
Casting shadows on you as you soak in its rays
Now and then in the evening
The ice cream truck drives by
Musically and unconsciously
Making us rush for pennies
To stall the summer season
Reminding us of yesterday
Bringing us back to youth
Catching our breath
And waiting for that extra hour
Of Daylight

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Beautiful poem Karin thank you for sharing Mario Odekerken
Very nice poem about autumn.