NL (03-10-1993 / People's Republic of China)


It was on tis summer’s day I felt my love for thee,
Sitting with my chatscreen on with my laptop on my knee
The love, warm as it was, was felt in my heart,
I knew well, from then, you were my one and only light.

But then came the winter’s day where I went to visit thee,
I did not know why, when I saw you, I felt I wasn’t me.
It might be the cold outside, which resounded in my heart,
The only voice that I could hear were the feelings, cold inside.

I thought you were my one and only love and that would stay the same,
I planned for all we had, t’was simple, just to live again.
All had changed, all was lost, nothing stayed the same,
When you told me you never loved me, and it was just a game.

The snow fell onto the ground, cold and hard, without a word or sound.
You came to me just as suddenly as you stepped into my land.
The frost melted, I thought you loved me, but the response was none,
All the love I had for you was blown away like sand.

Now I sit here by my laptop writing this poem to you,
I hope that you could see me, still thinking of you.
I hope that this valentine’s could be one with joy,
If not to me, at least to you, enjoy.

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ahhh this is so sad hugsss n kisses to you on valentine's day there will be more on the shelf for you *smile*