Exam Night

never had this feeling before
I’ve been staring at the same page for ages
Tomorrow is my exam
I didn’t study a word
I’m turning the pages
In theory, my mind is exhausted
I don’t want to fail
But memorizing a word seems impossible
Everything is going wrong
There are millions of thoughts
Pooping in my head
At home, I’m grounded
I don’t really care
Any way I’m not able to focus
Every advantage is taken away
I lost contact with the world
I’m locked, just watching a problem for each member
The house is electrified
Everyone has a role in the fight but me
Yet everyone is peeking through my life
Wondering why I am not me
Briefly, I’d say I’m fed up
I hate being localized, controlled wrong
I’m tired of fighting, tired of crying
No more struggling, nothing deserves
Yet, I’m mad at everything
I’ll fail an exam
I lost my love
Now I lack freedom!

by Maha Moustafa

Comments (8)

TO long for me to read so nope not reading
Probably the most beautifully penned piece I've read in a while. Thank you for sharing
Genuis like this Generally have for some unexplained reason Short life spans. Or do they grow bored and leave what they take Early on.. iip.. James
A great write by the poet, furnished so well.
This is a panoramic view of autumn. Something I noticed, though, is that the poem begins referring to autumn with the prnoun his and ends by referring to it as her and she. - GK
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