Life And Death

life and death
interwoven with each other
in one of my hands life
and death ın the other
when ı see a young girl smile
I become alive and alive
when I see an old woman cry
I die...I die
what is this bird
high and high flying
crying and crying
who is that woman
on her baton
praying and praying
her grey hairs
lonely ans alone
who lived in this maison
demolished and desolate
who are these unfortunate
left barren and bare
them who will care
life and death
woven together
oh..the only almighty god ALLAH
salah ans salah
salvatıon and salvatıon
save all your creatures
you have created trhem all
let them enter a world
where death and life both
them will comfort
let them again and again revive
to be again and again alive
salah and salah
salvation and salvation
death and life are interwoven
like despair and joy
when ı see a little girl smile
I revive and revive
when I see an old woman cry
I die and die

by Metin Sahin

Comments (2)

speechless....very apt poem for last year's chennai flood though this was written long ago...highly descriptive.. Salute you sir- -10+++++
This is a beautiful poem. There isn't one poem by Shelley that isn't oozing with beauty and imagination. I love this.