Words About Snow

★ Words about Snow

☆ Poetry by Junyingxiao (China)
☆ Translation by Luo Zhihai (China)

Spring snow just stopped and felt a little cold
Without any traces the youth years go
Is the beautiful image of yesterday a dream?
Lovesickness of no avail so ask the wind east

Beijing time on February 3,2015,10: 10 to 10: 30 Translation

◆ Chinese Text

★ 雪语

☆ 君应笑 诗


by Luo Zhihai

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In this poem, Wright captures quite effectively our culture and our times. The first stanza, perhaps not politically correct, captures the reality of working-class America. The next two bring it home: the parents' generation having lost their dreams and ideals, their sons working out their frustration in gritty, elaborate, but artificial ways. Somehow this explains the incredible popularity of high-school football and the unfortunate ugliness of the football culture one hears about in the news these days. It takes courage to describe the sport as suicidally beautiful and galloping terribly against each other's bodies, but those are accurate, perceptive phrases.
i share your idea manonton
i wonder how this poems became modern poem of the day. it isn't politically correct to standard of modern times...or i'm missing something.