Fight Is All We Have

Do you even realize?
That we have been fighting for months
Could we not just let go
And live happily ever after

Everything is messed up
We both sit in different corers of the room
just talking to our friends
And not even looking each other in the eye

Is this over?
When will it be?
I do not want our love to die
I want us to be happy

Is this alright?
For me to let go?
If we fight like this
we would notget anywhere

Fight is all we have

I am looking at the mirror
I see you standing there
Your talking with you ex girlfriend
And i have no idea what to do next

You come over to me
You said, "could we end it all? "
I said,
"i don't want to let go,
I don't want us to part
We were meant to be together
I just don't want to see this end this way"

I surely did love you
Yes, i did many mistakes
But you did acceptmy sorry
Then what are we fighting for?

Then you said,
Is this over?
When will it be?
I am tired of this crap
I want this to be it

Is this alright?
Cause i am not asking your permission
I am done
Now it is your choice to let go
Or keep chasing me like a child

I said,
No, no, no
We can work things out
Just give it a chance
Wont you?

He said,
I am sorry, i am done

by princely jewel victorian

Comments (3)

In this poem, Wright captures quite effectively our culture and our times. The first stanza, perhaps not politically correct, captures the reality of working-class America. The next two bring it home: the parents' generation having lost their dreams and ideals, their sons working out their frustration in gritty, elaborate, but artificial ways. Somehow this explains the incredible popularity of high-school football and the unfortunate ugliness of the football culture one hears about in the news these days. It takes courage to describe the sport as suicidally beautiful and galloping terribly against each other's bodies, but those are accurate, perceptive phrases.
i share your idea manonton
i wonder how this poems became modern poem of the day. it isn't politically correct to standard of modern times...or i'm missing something.