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Autumn Blue
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Autumn Blue

Poem By Judith Vriesema

in the quiet of an autumn afternoon when geese fly through a sun-laden sky,
memories erupt and emerge composing their own symphonies of music.
Light falls through the silence of rooms that are stored with volumes of emotions and words;
waves of the human soul.
The sun paints the rooms with gold and azure
while passion re-invents itself oceans away.
Seagulls echo through hallways of the heart,
the soul seeking to find an innocence it once had.
The wind takes a piece of paper from your hand,
and makes the words air-borne whilst the music of your smile is imprinted upon the sun.
Curtains billow in open windows;
the perfume of autumn caressing your dreams.
In iceland,
the wind tore your heart away from me.
where time is still
and conversation falls like drops of rain,
I can close my eyes and feel you as the sea comforts me.
Your sagas drift like clouds through my soul.
Memories make me quiet as I fold the Sunday newspapers and toss their words to the wind.
I turn to watch a sea-bird carry your love to me from so many oceans away.;
all in a whisper of a sigh as the curtains billow in an autumn wind.

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Comments (3)

Yes, this does have a dignity and poetic beauty to it. It reminds me, strangely, of Virginia Woolf; the way it flows, the emphasis on memories and moments and personal symbols. Nice.
This is a brilliant poem Judith, absolutely brilliant. This one is going into my favourites! Well done.
Wow, this one blew me away! It's one of those poems where I thought: 'I wish I'd written that! ' Lovely use of the Gothic house metaphor and wonderful free verse that was controled and well-paced. I shall certainly read more of your poems.