SF (February,4,1937 / W. Columbia, WV, USA)

Autumn Bound

The boy caught in a dizziness of leaves,
Flinches as colors fall from wind-clogged eaves
Shouts as their shadows race across his sleeves.

Runaway brightness dances with the air..
The child claps for their freedom unaware
Their ride for sky has stripped the landscape bare.

someone who speaks leaf language should explain
Trees have no power to take them back again,
For beauty blinds young eyes to dark and rain.

The boy turns merrily around and round
Heedless of helpless whispers from the ground.
He does not know some things are autumn bound.

Empty tree shapes blowing upon the hill,
Sing him no hint of the November chill.
Because for him, time never has stood still.

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Each and every stanza is unique. Loved reading this poem, joy overflowing. someone who speaks leaf language should explain Trees have no power to take them back again, Thank you, dear poet, for introducing me to 'leaf language'. I too am, in the Autumn of life. Am but a leaf of a big tree waiting my turn to fall!
There is much I love about this poem, among which are its 'life lessons.' Second stanza: Speaks of sacrifices. Ironically, life is a trade-off. One thing for another. Third stanza: 'Leaf language.' Would that I understood leaf language when young. I would have understood, indeed, that the tree has no power to take them back again. Fourth stanza: Some things are autumn bound. Lovely irony. Powerful imagery. Beautifully done.
sometimes I wish I were that little girl (or little boy) still...innocence is indeed bliss...
Line 9 is for me the electric zinger in this piece. BG
A chuckle for sure but for myself a little hard to love this celebration of autumn. My problem not being with the poem but with the season which was a harbinger of the Upstate New York winters that I hated and suffered quite a bit from. A very lovely poem for those who have been blessed to stay on the sunny side of autumn. Bill Grace
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