I walk in a garden of roses,
'Twixt lawn and shaven lawn,
And I think of the wild free spaces,
And the rose of a breathless dawn.

Gentle and sweet beside me
Goes the wife that bears my name,
But I dream of a wild-eyed woman
And the sea that hides her shame.

by Francis Ernley Walrond

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Simply superb narration of the day break in autumn accompanied by naughty mischief of cold wind and it's aftermath. A lovely poem, indeed. Thanks for sharing it here.
Rhythm, rhyme and meter... all evident in this lovely poem on Autumn... I loved the last two lines - Bleak and remembered, patched in red, The hill all summer hid from me. It carries deeper meaning. Full Marks ++10!
I know- for I can hear the hiss. Well communicated and expressed. Sylva
Beautiful poem about Autumn. Enjoyed the wordplay and smooth flow. Liked it.
a nice descriptive poem of a late autumn day.
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