Bluened Reasons

Jumbling and rocking thoughts to incessant interior rhythms,
watching the beauty of life opening up like blossoms of a
million roses.

Scents filling minds with heavenly aromas, leading down
pathways of beauty and serenity.

So calm and extraordinary, taking and bringing everything to
fruition within recesses of a mind.

So all-encompassing, fixing everything so perfectly, filling
imagination with so many colorful rainbows of bluened reasons.

Omnipotent essences awaiting a touch of feelings, bringing
them all into being, waltzing gently into reaches of interior
solace, giving in to incessant projections of intellect.

by RoseAnn V. Shawiak

Comments (9)

Simply superb narration of the day break in autumn accompanied by naughty mischief of cold wind and it's aftermath. A lovely poem, indeed. Thanks for sharing it here.
Rhythm, rhyme and meter... all evident in this lovely poem on Autumn... I loved the last two lines - Bleak and remembered, patched in red, The hill all summer hid from me. It carries deeper meaning. Full Marks ++10!
I know- for I can hear the hiss. Well communicated and expressed. Sylva
Beautiful poem about Autumn. Enjoyed the wordplay and smooth flow. Liked it.
a nice descriptive poem of a late autumn day.
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