GG (10-29-1949 / Concord MA)

Autumn Days Are Coming

Autumn days are coming,
I can feel it in the air;
Leaves are changing color
I have noticed, here and there.

Trees will show their splendor,
Gold and red joins with the green,
Enjoy their beauty, it won’t last;
Will be gone by Halloween.

Days are getting shorter,
Not by much, but I can see
It’s getting darker earlier
Than in June, you must agree.

Autumn days are coming,
Feel the crispness in the air;
You’ll need to put a sweater on
In the mornings, be aware.

Enjoy these days while they are here,
How quickly they will go;
It won’t be long ‘til Winter comes
And brings us cold and snow.

by Gail Grierson

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