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Autumn Has Come, My Beautiful Friend…
(09/1965 / Australia)

Autumn Has Come, My Beautiful Friend…

I watched you from my window
hanging on for dear life,
trembling on that thin branch,
howling winds cut like a knife.

Your life was draining away
as veins became raw and bare
inevitably you had to fall
and I watched you lay right there

There, resting at my feet
like a fallen, scarlet star so sweet
it was like you waited for me
unduly long hours at the salt strands of the azure sea

Now I have the occasion to strike a glance at you
to my eyes it is capturing, something new
now resting upon my parchment, sadly old
the record of lives lived in summer's gold.

Forgive me as you wait to ascend to higher planes now we’ve met
watering down my promise of reaching you before the sun set
I find you resplendent in your autumn finery, so beautiful and fine
in thoughts gone since, long under the snow white moon shine

So ruefully shed
when will another come In your stead?
and to what end?
as autumn has come, my beautiful friend…

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Wow! An amazingly beautiful write! Such great imagery is created with your wonderful way with words! A must for my favorite poems list!