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! Autumn In The Northerm Hemisphere, Spring In The South..
MS (8.4.1929 / Marton, Lancashire)

! Autumn In The Northerm Hemisphere, Spring In The South..

Poem By Michael Shepherd

It’s autumn here: the leaves fall brown,
the nights are cold and frosty,
the days are shorter and shorter,
there’s snow on the way…

is autumn asking you to be sad?
Go take a walk: fill your lungs with air –
isn’t that good? Don’t you feel the air
singing of everything that nature needs
to keep things going the whole year round?

Llisten as you walk
to all that goes on in silence;
secret movements pretending to be stillness:
the trees are making plans for Spring,
the plants, the flowers too; the earth
is bubbling secretly with thoughts of Spring..

If on an autumn walk
a Persian poet met a Japanese poet
they might write
a Persian haiku:

This autumn evening
my mind is full of endings;
trees smile as they plan.

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Comments (4)

Clever, original, uncomplicated, mystical - I'd recognize your work anywhere. Your words make me smile with damp eyes. love, Allie xxxx
There is a lot of quality for us to draw on here Michael, Thankyou Love duncan x
M, you have removed my 'bah humbug' feeling about what happens after autumn. I could read you all day. t xxx
Acceptance of 'When the shorter days/Close in' as I end my poem 'October.' Another view, closer to your poem here is 'Beyond October.' Sometimes autumn, through no fault of it's own, does cause sadness. However, as you say 'fill up your lungs with air' and you will feel 'everything that nature needs.' Thank you. Tom